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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  September 14, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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i love election years. that does it for us tonight. keith olbermann starts right now. that does it for us. good night. good evening americans and welcome to the "the ed show" tonight from new york, these stories are hit my hot buttonsa this is hour. newt gingrich, i think, has hit a new low. playing to the birther fringe of the republican party. accusing the president of the united states of having a kenyon world view. you won't believe how low this guy has gone. i've got commentary on that. this kind of radical thinking has infuriated our schools across the country, educators are trying to keep your kids away from president obama. parents are being warned about indoctrination during his back-to-school speech. my commentary on all of that coming up in just a moment. and the tan man's act, well, he's got to find a new act. he wants to -- you to believe,
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that he really cares about the middle class and the middle-class tax cuts. democratic house majority whip, jim clyburn will be here to blow his cover in the battleground story. this of course the story that has me fired first up tonight. newt gingrich has officially taken dick cheney's place as the crazy old uncle of the republican party. he'll say just about anything. the morally corrupt, twice-divorced hypocrite and former speaker of the house is doing his very best to convince america that president obama's not an american. the nutester told why the the national review" that president obama has, quote, a kenyan anticolonial world view. how many even know what that is? newt said, quote, what if obama is so outside of our comprehension that only if you understand kenyan anticolonial behavior, you can begin to piece together his actions? he went on to say, this is a person who is fundamentally out of touch with how the world works who happened to have played a wonderful con, and as a result, which he is now president.
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well, white house press secretary robert gibbs shot back at the newtster on "good morning america." >> i don't even have, quite frankly, george, the slightest idea of what he's talking about. >> i no idea of what he's talking about? do you feel it's appropriate. >> i think that newt gingrich knows that he's trying to -- he's trying to appeal to the fringe of people that don't believe the president was born in this country. >> well, he's trying to outpalin, palin 37 he's going hard right is what he's doing. and if you don't believe me, call your local school district tomorrow. because really, this is the kind of stuff that has planted the seed across this country. for the second straight year, crazy parents, teachers and superintendents are trying to prevent america's schoolchildren from watching president obama's back-to-school speech tomorrow at noon from philadelphia. this is the kind of damage that the people like newt gingrich have done to this country. i think it's absolutely absurd and outrageous that we are at a
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point in our country where public educators questioning what their children should hear what the president of the united states has to talk about? study in school. follow your dreams. god forkbid in the president of the united states were to inspire some youth into our nation, asking them to live up to their potential, this is psycho talk. it's unbelievable this is happening in public schools across america. newt has been damaging our nation for decades. he loves this stuff. he has never had the shame when it comes to framing the political opponents in the worst possible way. should what he's all about. let's put it into context for just a moment. "the ed show" has obtained a how-to guide gingrich put out some 20 years ago. nute's playbook was a 1990 gopac memo titled "language: a key mechanism of control." now the memo was distributed to republican candidates all across america to provide words for framing their democratic opponents.
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newt told conservatives to use, contrasting words, like, liberal, traitors, corruption, welfare, mandate, shame, disgrace, cheat, steal and taxes. well, the newtster also informed republicans to frame their own campaigns with optimistic, positive words, like share, control, moral, courage, crusade, freedom, liberty. you know, this is kind of the same garbage we're hearing today, isn't it? now, gingrich is an unguided missile in my opinion, who has always wanted to destroy anyone that stands in his to get to the white house. the way he thinks and the way he and his deciples speak has done, i think, irreversible damage to a lot of low-information voters in this great nation. and i can't believe it's 2010 and we have a black president in power in this country in the white house in the oval office, there are americans who feel so threatened by our commander in chief that they don't want to -- their kids to hear a welcome
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back-to-school speech? think about that. this is what -- what happened in maybe some other country, isn't it? no, it's right here in america. any superintendent who doesn't have the guts to stand up and realize that the president of the united states is not going to go off message on some political rant tomorrow. he's going to talk about education. just like he did last year. but the fear merchants out there who pay attention to the newt gingriches of the world have given us this type of product this, this country. get your cell phones out, folks. i want to know what you think about all of this. tonight's text survey question is, do you think newt gingrich actually believes the things he says? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no to 622639. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. joining me now is maryland congressman chris val holland. chairman of the democratic congressional campaign.
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chris, good to have you with us tonight. >> good to be here. >> is gingrich the threat in all of this or is this just where republicans are? this is about as right-wing of stuff that we've ever heard talking about a kenyon world view and of course the trickle down is the fear that we see in our public school system. what do you think? >> well, that's right, ed. look the only silver lining here is that newt gingrich's reminding the american people about what kind of congressional leadership hey got last time they put the republicans in control. after all, it was newt gingrich who tried to shutdown the government, which meant that we couldn't sent out the social security checks. people were scared they weren't going to get their medicare payments. and newt gingrich was the guy in charge. well, this will hopefully focus american's attention on exactly what will happen if you put the washington republican leadership back in charge. you're going to get more the same. you're going to get the same old economic policies that we got for eight years under the bush administration and you'll get the same kind of rhetoric and constant investigations that you got under gingrich instead of focusing on the country's
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problems. >> what about their strategy on the right? early 2009 the first guy to come out and take a swipe at president obama was dick cheney and that went on for about four, five months. and then it was kind of transferred over to the senator from south carolina, who gave us the waterloo comment av course a no agenda to everything that the democrats and the majority has proposed, and you know, led by president obama. so now we have got -- cheney's pretty much out the mix. here's newt with some the most radical stuff that we've ever heard. is this a reflection of the republican party. >> i think that it is. look, we all than they've moved very far to the right. the strange thing is that they said to the american people, they're trying to say to the american people, look, we learn from their mistakes but what we're hearing is they're even farther out of touch, farther out of mainstream than they were before. this is really some wacky stuff, as you pointed out.
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and they plan to translate that stuff into policies that are going to affect the lives of the american people. and look, when it comes to jobs, we've been fighting very hard to shutdown these preverse loopholes that -- reward american companies that ship jobs overseas. they're saying, no, let's keep those jobs on and they've got these third parent groups like americans for prosperity who only care about their own prosperity, their own special interests who are fighting this had. people need to understand that there is a reason that these third-party groups are spending millions and millions of dollars to try to feed democratic candidates it's because they like the economic agenda they they got under george bush and they like what they got under newt gingrich. so beware, this is an early indication of what newt's telling us of where they would take the country. >> do you think the president should respond to this comment of a kenyon world view? >> i agree with robert gibbs. it is just so far out there -- >> it's kind of psycho talk, isn't it? >> it's psychobabble and you know, i think that if you just let it sit out there, the american people will see it as
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such, and so i don't think it's useful to get into a debate with gingrich when he throws that kind of stuff out there. i really think that people will see if for what it is. and, again, remind them of what they got the last time they had the republicans in charge of congress. they got newt gingrich and then they got eight years of policies that working with george bush gave us an economy that ended up losing over 600,000 jobs after eight years, having absolutely no -- >> yeah. >> -- well, flat incomes and a big effort to privatize social security, which is what they intend to try to do again. so this is all a flashback, and, again, the only good news in this is that it's a clear reminder to people, beware what you do, and beware because these guys are telling you exactly what they're planning to do and it's not a pretty picture. >> congressman, good to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. >> good to be with you. >> more on this subject of newt
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gingrich let's bring in david fromm. a former bush economic write speecher and founder from david, i guess -- maybe i haven't paid enough attention into newt gingrich, this is as right wing as he's ever been and it's almost race-baiting. your thoughts on this. >> i'm very disturbed about it. look, there are -- for republicans there are a lot of reasons to vote republican in november about 37 a lot of reasons to vote against this administration and this congressional majorit. they spend too much, regulate too much and soon they'll tax too much and that is a message that should be available to, accepted by every community in america -- black and brown, people of color, of every kind. to gay people, to young people. that is -- there's a powerful constituency for economic freedom. >> why is it free radical. >> what we're getting instead is a message that's racially coated. >> yeah. >> newt gingrich -- newt gingrichz not been through his career a radical person. in the 1990s he was a consensus-builder. in the 2000s he was an environmentalist.
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he worked with hillary clinton on health care and al sharpton of all people on education. >> so where is this coming from. >> the climactic shift within the republican party. newt gingrich is running for president in 2010, so is mitt romney, so are sarah palin sarah palin, so are others. mitt romney will speak for the business community, for traditional republicans, newt gingrich wants to make sure that he is the standard bearer for the most conservative people in the party. >> so is he out -- so is he trying to outpalin/palin? >> he has already outsucceeded outpalin/palin. his thoughts on health care are very powerful and he could talk about that. >> well, you know, the bush administration, the bush years, they you know did the freedom thing, did the security thing. i think did their share of fair mongering pushed for the tax cuts and conservatives on the supreme court but i don't remember the republican party going down this road. and you wrote this. rush limbaugh has been claiming for almost two years that
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president obama is bent upon "redistribution" and "reparations." gingrich's now stepped up to suggest that this redistribution is motivate by anti-white radical revenge. >> racial revenge. well the point of the story in "forbes" magazine that newt gingrich was citing said that president obama was motivated by the ideology of a luo tribesman. mondel who is impeccably a european. and ted kennedy impeccably northern european was a big believer of government and that's not my view but i don't see a lot of the difference in the way that president obama thinks and the way that walter mondel thinks so we don't have to bring kenyan into it, the lieu ab tribe into this. don't have to be a father who abandoned president obama and wrote a very elcant book about wrestling about his very unhappy feels into this, in order to say we're for liberty and they're very regulation. appeals to people of all races.
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>> so this is a dangerous nathyour opjoin know, that the republican party is taking right now. >> in the short term it's maybe a profitable path because the electorate that comes now the november, it will be older, whiter know that the country as a whole. >> okay. >> but there will be other elections in which more people take part and there's a long future and we want the republican party that can appeal to the future majority, not just the old majority. >> and 31% of republicans believe that president obama is muslim. these are -- this was from a pew poll from august. just amazing. well it's a new newt gingrich. very radical. and i sense that you know he knows he's not going to get the nomination so he'll just take this wing into the party and do the best that he can. what do you think? >> i don't think that he believes that. >> okay. >> i think that he believes that he will get the nomination and this is part of the strategy and i don't know why we can't attack the president as a spender, a taxer and a regulator. >> all right, david, good to have you with us. thanks so much. coming up, the tan man is peeling. boehner's feeling the heat, so he has decided to care about the middle class all of a sudden.
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i'm not buying it. how majority whip jim clyburn isn't either. he's limp him up coming up in the "battleground" segment tonight. violence is coming from the left. what a load of garbage this guy is selling now. all of that, plus the imam slams carioo barbie and one of the kids from "fox & friends" lands on "the zone" tonight. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals fast for relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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welcome back to the "the ed show." and thanks for watching tonight. there's a shocking number out there today that shows just what the stakes are in november. 1 in 7 people in america is living in poverty. that's what the census workers found out when they went and took the pufls the country. white house is already brace going a bad fall pophere is austan goolsbee, the president's new selection to head up the council of economic advisers talking about unemployment. >> it's going to stay high. this recession is the deepest in our lifetimes. the deepest since 1929. >> more than 8 million people lost their jobs, it's going to take a significant push on our part and before that comings down.
3:19 am
i don't tape coming down rapidly. >> bottom line americans are hurting. they need help. we can't put this country in the hands of the lunatic fringe on the right. today the afl-cio launched a campaign calling out sarah palin and the tea partiers like ron paul and also -- rand paul should i say and also sharron angle for thumbing their noses at american workers by attacking unemployment was about and unions. for more let's bring in michigan senator, debbie stabenow. well, the war of words is definitely on, senator. >> right. >> the union's being aggressive. they have sent out a mailer of some 2 million, and basically they're attacking sharron angle and some of these other right wingers, tea partiers. how do you know sharron angle will be bad for nevada workers? let her tell you yourself, as your u.s. senator, she was quoted as saying i'm not in the business of creating jobs. she said that back on may 14th of this year. >> right. >> what's your take on all of this, and will it be effective?
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>> well, i think the most important thing, ed is that we tell the story about who these candidates are and what they believe and then when we talk about the republican economic policies, it's not just the past, it's the president -- it's the present. it's what we fight every day on the senate floor and it's the future. it's where they want to go. you know, we spent eight years digging this huge hole. we've had 18 months to begin to climb out of it. but these guys are now saying, for instance, oh, we should continue tax cuts for the wealthy. where are the jobs? we had ten years of tax cuts for the wealthy. where are the jobs? and now we hear from people like sharron angle saying that it's not her job to -- to focus on jobs. well, i can tell you, what senator harry reid believes that it's his job. i just came from a meeting with him. where all that we're doing is talking about jobs. >> well, let's talks about that. if you just met with him, tell us about the small business bill and getting money to small businesses. what's going to happen? mr. voinovich from ohio's saying
3:21 am
that he will come over and vote with the democrats for this. will this give you the 60 for the bill this week? >> it will. this is good news. a bill that's been endorsed by over a hundred business organization. they've been blocking if now for months. and we have senator voinovich who's joining with us, every democrat, tomorrow, plus senator voinovich will be voting to overcome a philly buster to help small businesses get loans. you talk about this all of the time. we have small businesses hurting. most of the jobs that have been lost during small business. this will give them up to $300 billion in loan capability working -- >> will this turn the numbers around? when christina roamer was in, she said that unemployment won't go below 8% and now austan goolsbee comes in, he's heading up the team. hef he says it's going to be around for i long time. does that mean that you're not going to get republican help what do you think? >> first of all the small business bill will help. tell create capital for loans which is very important.
3:22 am
but you know what if they hadn't blocked this and could have done it in june, july or maybe last match it would have had a lot more affect than in the short run than it's going to have. >> why isn't the white house moving the goal postsing a bit here on unemployment. >> i think that what we're finding is not only given what's occurred in the policies that we're trying to dig our way out of, but the fact that we've had absolutely no support on the other side to be able to move quickly. i mean, everything is moving so slowly, because everything takes overcoming a philly bustir and weeks and weeks and weeks for things that should take days. >> do your constituents -- senator do your constituents in michigan have the patience? >> well, it's tough. you know, it's very tough. we've been hit harder, longer, deeper than any other state in michigan. but i can tell you this, because of the recovery act today in michigan, we helped open the first all-american advanced battery manufacturing plant.
3:23 am
that's going to compete with asia. it's going to compete with those around the world. we're going to go from 2% of the batteries made in the world to 40% in the next five years. and most of those are going to be made in michigan. because of what we have been doing to turn the economy around. is it fast enough? ed, of course not. but it is turning around. >> senator, don't forget, the 9 niners. they're still out there. >> absolutely not. >> the they're going fob a political force. and they're counting on the majority to do something to get the conversation going and moving again in this fall. >> absolutely. >> appreciate your time, senator. thank you. coming up, one of the wacky "fox & friends" across the street says making $250,000 doesn't mean that you are rich? wow, it's kill me. it's pay back time.
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and in psycho talk tonight. side kick. brian, kill me this morning the kids on "fox & friends" talking about a poll that shows most americans want to see the bush tax cuts for the rich expire. and they were having trouble making it fit into their gop-approved talking points. but kill me, well, he gave it a pretty good shot. >> the major istcountry, including most independents don't mind seeing those tax cuts evaporate for the so-called very rich. you make over $250,000 you're not very rich. >> really? this is another example of how widely, out of touch fox news is with the rest of the country. they want you to think they're speaking for real america.
3:28 am
but they have no concept of the regular wage earners in country. you see only 2% of households make more than $250 grande year. less than 2%. the median household income in the united states in 2008, i think that was a bush year, was a little more than $52,000 a year. for them to say that $250 grande year isn't rich, well that is just elitist psycho talk. the tan man takes a mulligan on tax cuts and he's got his party fuming about it. house majority whip, jim clyburn. the former speaker the newtster, mr. immoral, just stooped to a new low. we'll get rapid-fire sponse this fraud. plus, the beckter sees lefty violence in the future. i wonder if he's getting any intel reports. and republican parents around the country are hiding their kids from the president because he's going to speak to
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welcome back to the "the ed show." the battleground story tonight, well the tan man, mr. bane sergetting it from all sides after his ash parent flip-flop on tax cuts. after beating the drum about not letting tax cuts for the wealthiest americans expire, boehner went on the sunday shows and said that, well, he would be willing to compromise. yeah, right. >> at the only option they have is to vote for -- some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i'd been making the point now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans. >> uh-oh, boehner's out of family. boehner's possible compromise on tax cuts, isn't sitting very well with republicans. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says every republican senator will oppose any plan that didn't extend the tax cuts for the top 2%, the rich.
3:33 am
that's also the view of boehner's number two, eric cantor in the house. the republicans are really back interested a corner here. they have six weeks to get ready for the midterms, threatening to throw the middle class under the bus under defense of tax cuts for the rich. does it make sense? the democrats are looking to expose the republicans' true loyalties with this new dnc commercial hitting boehner. >> do you think republicans have no plan for the economy? it's not true. john boehner opposes funding for government jobs, jobs for teaches, for cops, for firefighters. boehner has a different plan. tax cuts for businesses. those that shift jobs and profits overseas, saving multinational corporations $10 billion. so did china, india and mexico, boehner has a message, you're welcome. the democratic national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> joining me now is south carolina congressman, jim clyburn, the house majority whip.
3:34 am
congressman, good to you have back with us tonight. >> thanks for having me, ed. >> you bet. what do you think of mr. boehner's opening of the door about tax cuts? that he would actually vote with democrats on this. >> well, i think these are just words. i learned a long time ago, not to pay a whole lot of attention to what people say. watch what they do. and that is the real test here. i think that what we've heard from mr. boehner for a long, long time now is that they've got a plan for america. i call it the three rs, they want to repeat, they want to reject, and they want to repeal. they want to repeal those laws that we've already put into place to close these loopholes so we can create jobs here in america. they want to reject president obama's middle-class tax cuts. and they want to repeat the blowing up of deficit which is what we're to do if entries or extend president bush's tax cuts. $700 billion deficit increase.
3:35 am
that's not what the american people want. >> yeah. >> and so i think we not going to let mr. boehner hide behind his words. we're going to sign on his actions. >> okay. well, the president was in cleveland just last week. made a strong pitch for tax cuts for middle the middle class. >> absolutely. >> and i kind of sense that maybe the republicans went home and got an earful on this vacation, this work vacation, did some polling and found out that they're on the wrong side of the issue. maybe they have to give a little bit. is this a soft underbelly for them, what do you think? >> that's exactly right. in fact, i went to cleveland the day after the president was there. went over to canton, ohio, youngstown, cincinnati, and i can tell you that the president's proposals are resonating throughout ohio, and i really believe that mr. boehner, being a representative from ohio, got an earful and that's why we heard what he said on sunday. but, still, he's not given up on extending this tax cut to the upper 2%.
3:36 am
rather than adopting the president's tax cut, which will be for 98% of the american people, 97% of small businesses, and that's the way to go. because moody's report -- has reported about bloomberg this morning. it just told us what happened the last time we did this. -- told us that we failed to learn the lessons of our history, we're bound to repeat them. and we seem as if mr. boehner has not learned anything from what happened to our economy when we adopted the bush plan. >> yeah. >> the economy went into the ditch. the deficit blew wide open. people lost job, 8 million jobs were lost. we are trying to do something to create jobs in this country, put people back to work so they can buy homes, buy automobiles, and help turn the economy which is what we want to do.
3:37 am
rather than addeding to people's savings, we want people of the middle income to get back into the business of purchasing. >> congressman, you say it so well. i just think the republicans have finally found out, they never had been prioritizing anything for the middle class. they've gone home. they've gotten an earful. and now they've got to jump on the bandwagon in the 11th hour. the key now i think is going to be for the democrats to make sure that american voters aren't hood winked by this because they're going to turn right around and give the tax breaks to the corp rations to outsource the jobs. >> thanks so much for having me. >> you bet. now let's get some rapid-fire response. newt gingrich is feeding the worst of the republican fringe. the birthers and beck followers and he slamless the president as playing a con to become president. the republican running against nancy pelosi has a new web video, which casts the speaker as the wicked witch of the west.
3:38 am
who needs a bucket of freedom thrown on her. and the imam. says that if he had do it all over again, he wouldn't. he blames politics for all controversy. with us tonight jack reisch. criminal defense attorney. and republican strategist. gentlemen, good to have you with us tonight. ron, i'll ask you first, what is the mission of newt gingrich? isn't some of this rhetoric over the top? >> well i think that newt gingrich is a brilliant visionary, he's a brilliant idea's guy but i don't like it when he sees people out there -- ed, you can laugh all that you. thep but he led the republican ticket over the house for the first time in 50 years. the most important thing that i think we can all agree that president obama was born in the united states. president obama is an american citizen. i don't like those who question the citizenship of this president. you can disagree with him on policy but he's an american and i don't like to hear when he said this weekend. >> with you saying that, does he have a kenyon world view?
3:39 am
>> no, i think that he has a kinsian world view that you can spin your way out of recession but a kenyon world view, no, i don't think that he does. >> so newt is wrong on your opin ion ion. >> this is pretty radical stuff, ron. i mean this is going in a new direction. jack, your thoughts. >> i have to agree with you. and i mean, apparently gingrich wants to be despraisely the panderror in chief. i mean why doesn't he straight away and say it, i'mf obama's black and i'm a white man. >> i have a lot of respect for you. look i have a lot of respect for you but let me say this i get sick and tired of those on the left who say any disagreement with the president you're racist. we know that he's a black man. the american people -- the american people vote for the president, jack. >> hold on. here's the difference. the difference is if we think about people who disagree with obama, i get that. you don't have to be a racist and disagree with this
3:40 am
president, but when you start bringing up the question of him being born in mombasa, kenya, again and again and again when all of the facts are clear it seems only one reason that you would do that, it's synonymous with racism, it just is. >> i totally disagree with you. i've known speaker gingrich for almost 20 years. a man of character and principle. i disagreed with what he said this past weekend but to suggest that the former speak of the house is trying to say, oh the president of the united states is black and white i think is so far out of bounds and so far untrue. this has to stop. disagree with the man on policy -- >> i'm curious. >> but has to stop. >> -- gentlemen, i'm curious, newt gingrich calls president obama a con man in an interview with "the national review." he says this is a person who is fundamentally out of touch with how the world works, who happened to have employed a wonderful con, as a result, which he is now president. what con? what are we talking about -- what's he talking about here, ron? >> well, the president of the united states said that he was going to change the only of washington and bring civility back where the most polarized i think that we've been in the country.
3:41 am
>> that's his fault? that's president obama's fault. >> yes, i do think that it's president obama's fault. >> before or after the health care meeting. >> come on, ron, you're being a little tough on the president. he was reached out time and time again. >> let me answer you question, ed. >> all right, all right. >> the fact of the matter is that the president of the united states can change the tone, the way that leaders on both sides of the aisle deal with sufficientic disagreements. i think if you look at president bush and what we did with no child left behind he brought ted kennedy a very liberal senator. >> i got what you are saying. so how should president obama have responded to senator demint's comment over a year ago? if this is his waterloo, if we could break him? how is the president supposed to -- he should have cut off all of the olive branches right there and he did it. >> i would have ignored it. >> you would have ignored it but it was said on the right, ron. it was said on the right, no doubt about it. >> so what, ed? >> so what. >> so what. >> a dialogue in washington. i want to know, where is the
3:42 am
con? where was the con? what was the big con that was committed by president obama? and you're saying -- >> the big con was perpetuated -- jack, let me say one thing. the big con that was perpetuate is this president and his economic team, unemployment came into office was 6.7%. he used if spend nearly a trillion dollars kehl keep it at 8% and now it's at 9.6%. that's a con that's disingenuous. >> that's a misperception. and the bush people did it all of the time. jack, final zmeent you're absolutely right. at the end of the day you blame president obama for this. is it his fault too that people other than marching up and down -- that was his fault. >> they did it to bush. >> well all that i have to say is both sides need to cut it out. he's an american citizen. let's finally get to work to the american people. elected these people to do. >> let's talk about the pelosi ad. here it is, this is her opponent putting up an ad claiming that she's a wicked witch.
3:43 am
here it is. >> i wish there was a political party they could vote for with a -- >> more courage. >> i don't care about political parties. i just want a home that isn't blown away by debt. >> hello, my pretty. i will say you from those evil republicans. >> but first, pay $18,000 for my downtown office and go into massive debt. the wall street bailouts and here are my monkeys to make you pay for it all. >> step back, everyone. >> had, i'm melting. >> thank you for saving me, who are you. >> i'm john dennis i'm running for congress. >> jack rice, your thoughts on that. >> thank you for saving us. yeah that's right, it was president obama's fault that he didn't change the tone in washington. yes, this is reminiscent of what we have seen in the past. again, this is that standard personality attack, a character attack that we've seen, rather than saying okay, let's dig down to the facts.
3:44 am
now if that's what we're talking about, notice that this ad does none of that. instead, it goes back to the things we heard before and i guess they're pulling them out again because the midterms are here and that's what they do. >> ron is that ad demeaning to women? >> o hi don't think that ad's demeaning to women. i think it's dumb. it's funny but i think that you should be campaigning for what you are for and not against. >> that's what the republicans have been doing the past three years is basically saying no. >> give me a break. i'm tired of the effigies that president bush have burned. they did it to dick cheney, to dr. condoleezza rice. i'm saying that president of the united states needs to lead example. people want to hear the president talk in very confident tones and he sounds like a very thin-skinned individual. >> ron, you're amazing, sir. >> i'm sorry. he is. >> you definitely got it down, ron. i'll give you credit. ron and jack rice.
3:45 am
>> say it like you mean it. >> good to you have with us, fellows. coming up, i can't believe that are there americans who don't want their kids to were president obama's back-to-school tomorrow speech. some conservative nut jobs are raising hell that he's going to indoctrinate their kids by their message to them next in "the playbook." hi, folks. hi. we're ready to switch our car insurance to progressive. today just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff
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and into my "playbook" tonight, president obama's back-to-school speech is coming up tomorrow at noon in philadelphia. and i'm sorry to say, folks across america are still suffering from the effects of writy fear mongering after the president and so concerned about the president indoctrinating students. now in flyover country, let's take, for instance in west fargo, north dakota. parents have to be notified if their kids will be watching the
3:49 am
speech and they have to have the option to remove their child from class during the address. down in texas, students, well, they've got on get their parents to sign permission slips to watch president of the united states. this is absolutely outrageous and ridiculous. last year we saw the same kind of garbage that was thrown out there by the righties that infill rated into the public schools. but all of the prebz did was urge students back then to stay in school and work hard. there was no pushing of his agenda, no socialist indoctrination, the president of the united states is a prime example of how far you can go if you're willing to work hard. treating it as a controversial event with an opt out for right-wing wackos i think is appalling. i think that the president's speech should be mandatory for all students. for more let's bring in jonathan alter. msnbc political analyst. columnist. jonathan -- >> hi. >> -- is this a product of a lot of fear mongering taking place. >> oh, absolutely.
3:50 am
you could barely understand it last year, even though it was outrageous then, too. because you could argue, okay, maybe some of the far right, you know, believed some of the right-wing propaganda that he would use the occasion to indoctrinate and then as you said he gave the speech. it was, stay in school, work hard, follow your dreams. so they know what the message is, so for them to ban kids from -- prevent kids from seeing it this year is triply ridiculous. because we know what he's going to say. >> we have gutless administrators in my opinion, who don't have the guts to stand up, and some school districts across the country, well, saying we'll leave it up to the teachers. meaning the teachers will make a decision in the classroom whether the president will be seen or not. administration gives him no cover whatsoever, no leadership whatsoever.
3:51 am
had is the president talking to kids about bettering themselves and it's being -- you know -- >> and a question for every one of those teachers and administrators, did you do the same when george h.w. bush and ronald reagan gave their speeches? if you've been in the schools long enough. did you do the same? if not, if not -- if you didn't give parents a chance to opt out, you should be completely ashamed of yourself that you dold it in this case. it's basically saying that this president isn't legitimate. that's the subtext of this. that he's not really the president. he's the other. he's an alien. he's not our president. that's not the way things are supposed to work in america. elections are supposed to have consequences. people should support their results of the election. >> no doubt. jonathan alter, great to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. >> thanks, ed. yesterday was the nfl's kickoff sunday and a few calls that were just -- well, they were really bad. wrong.
3:52 am
first off, the holding call that cost the cowboys the game last night in my opinion was a bad call, if you know anything about offensive and defensive line technique. that was a great play by the defensive lineman. and then the detroit lions, they got jobbed in the final seconds in chicago, calvin johnson clearly caught this pass, he got both feet -- he was palming the ball, but because of a ridiculous rule, official said that it was not a catch. finally, this is the one that caught my attention. michael vick looked like his old self yesterday. the eagles' starting quarterback went down with an injury. so vick played the entire second half against the packers. he almost brought the team back. the team scored 17 points behind him and he had a touchdown even though the eagles lost i knowledge that he should be the starter the rest of the way. you were next, palin and beck, a warning for danger ahead for america, the biggest danger i see is these two jokers opening up their mouth. eric boller of media matters blasts off.
3:53 am
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and finally tonight on "the ed show", glenn beck and sarah palin have teamed up to instill fear in the hearts of the americans.
3:57 am
on saturday they told the crowd that the united states' become complacent since the september 11th attacks. and on his radio show today the beckster kept the fear mongering going. listen to this. >> violence will come from the left. violence is part of the plan. there are those people that really want this to collapse and they are planning on violence. they're planning on it. we've already shown you. we've already seen it with sciu. >> this guy is a total meat head, let me tell you let me bring in eric boller senior fellow at the senior matters of america. i can't believe what this guy is saying. >> yeah. >> really over the top in my opinion for a broadcaster to have the privilege and few of us in country do, to go on television, and have a microphone in front of us in an audience and say that kind of garbage. this is really a hard turn for beck is it not.
3:58 am
>> it's hard to keep track at this point. he's been wallowing in this stuff for so long, but you know he talks about violence is coming from the left. he may want to check in with the chairman of the delaware party who had to leave his house because he received a death threat because someone threatened to put a bullet in his head because he wasn't supporting the right wing tea party candidate. we've seen people arrested for these anti-government crusades. byron williams was arrested in california. he had plans to open fire on this innocuous, progressive institution called the tides foundation that glenn beck has been demonizing for two years. so he decided that he's going to put glenn beck's plan and kill three people. his friends told the reporters that he was afraid that obama was going to take his guns away. the violence is here and it's coming from the right. >> this is beck again on his radio show today talking about what he told the alaskans on saturday.
3:59 am
>> i said to the alaskan audience, on saturday, you are a state rich with natural resources, and of course we're not going to exploit them. but here's the bad thing. if the economy collapses and the united states of america has no money to defend anything, make sure that you grab your guns and your knives and your forks and your spoons because the russians, the chinese, everyone is coming to alaska and that's not begging for world war iii that's called giving you the facts. >> eric bole or the this show we would call that psycho talk. >> yeah, fear mongering on september 11th. september 11th is not a day for partisan rallies, and it's certainly not a day for paid partisan rallies, beck and palin charge people $100, $200. it's a day for national unity and just between palen and beck who are now the face of fox news it's hard to find a threat of common decency between them. >> eric gorkd have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. >> thanks.